It all started from a desire to enjoy a luxurious cup of coffee, anywhere, without the need for machinery and without the usual mess! We were determined to fulfill a gap in the market.

Having been disappointed by what little was already available; we decided to create and introduce a product featuring what we were looking for. Following a year of research and development, ‘The Little Coffee Bag Company’ was launched in 2012.

The Little Coffee Bag gives a cafetiere style coffee made for one. Each coffee bag is individually wrapped and available in four blends, available in a range of impeccably stylish, beautifully designed foil embossed gift boxes befitting of only the finest coffee.

Each coffee blend has been created with a real dedication to quality and taste, using only the very best selection of Arabica beans from around the world roasted to perfection.


The Bate Family

endorsed by Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden…


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