blend N°1

100% roasted arabica coffee from El Salvador, Rwanda and Sumatra. Rich and full bodied with a fruity medium acidity, good sweetness with notes of blackberries in the aroma and mellow chocolate notes throughout.

blend N°

Single origin decaffeinated oven roasted coffee from Peru, a rich flavour of walnut and cocoa notes with creamy mouth-feel and soft acidity. Perfect as a bedtime drink.


blend N°3
jamaican blue mountain

 A world class, exceptional coffee, synonymous with indulgent luxury. Only coffees produced in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica can use this esteemed name. These highly valued coffee beans are cultivated in ideal conditions on the high, cool mountainsides of the region. They are expertly roasted to reveal their soft, delicate flavours, resulting in a refined, well balanced, clean coffee with a subtle fruity acidity.

blend N°4 

100% roasted organic coffee from Papua New Guinea, Peru and Colombia, a smooth creamy mouth-feel with notes of milk chocolate, toasted nut and subtle plum finish.

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