Last week, founder and director of The Little Coffee Bag Co Carrie Bate was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to fly out to Columbia in order to help to source a new blend of coffee for the easyJet contract.

Carrie’s 2 week visit to the South American company involved 8 flights and visits to 3 separate coffee farms where literally 100’s of beans were sampled and rated by the team of coffee connoisseurs.

Speaking of her visit to one of the coffee bean capitals of the world, Carrie said: “My trip to Columbia was absolutely life changing. Despite the dangers of the still-present armed conflict in the country, I could not have had a more amazing experience. Tasting such a wide range of different beans has definitely given me lots to think about for future expansion of our blends and I am looking forward to seeing what we can create using the Huilier and Armenia beans that we finally decided upon.”