the coffee bag

how to make your perfect cup


  • Place your coffee bag into your cup
  • Pour boiling water onto your coffee bag
  • Stir occasionally¬†
  • Allow to brew for up to 5 minutes
  • Squeeze, then remove the coffee bag
  • Enjoy!

The Little Coffee Bag is designed to produce a cafetière style coffee made for one without the need for anything more than boiling water.

Our coffee bags, which are available in three different retail blends, are made from bio-web and contain 10g of oven-roasted ground Arabica coffee. Each coffee bag is then individually wrapped to maintain freshness.

Each of our blends has been created with real dedication to quality and flavour. The origin of our coffee beans are carefully chosen to ensure sustainability whilst our state of the art roasting methods ensure consistency.

Our coffee bags are available in a range of impeccably stylish, beautifully designed gift boxes finished in embossed foiling befitting of only the finest coffee.